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DASECO Electrical, LLC provides electrical services in residential, commercial, industrial & municipal settings. DASECO Electrical, LLC provides electrical services in residential, commercial, industrial & municipal settings. DASECO Electrical Services Martha's Vineyard Find out more about DASECO Electrical contractor DASECO can give you information about renewable energy and your home such as solar and wind turbines contact DASECO in Vineyard Haven for more information contact DASECO in Vineyard Haven for more information

Green Solutions and Renewable Energy

There are lots of reasons to “go green.” By partnering with DASECO Electrical LLC to develop green energy solutions, you can transform a building to be environmentally responsible, profitable, and healthy places to live and work.

Energy Solutions

Energy solutions include energy conservation, energy efficiency, and responsible energy production.     

       Energy Conservation

Energy conservation means using less energy without impacting the occupants’ everyday activities or productivity. For example there are electrical systems that automatically adjust lighting to daylight and shut off lights when no one is in the room. They are known as "energy management systems."     

       Energy Efficiency

Reducing the power it takes for a building to operate is usually the first step an owner can take to cut operating costs. Energy efficiency involves using more efficient materials and equipment to generate, transfer and use energy. DASECO Electrical and its renewable energy partners can determine how much power is being used and what systems require the most allowing for a savings target. We then offer a list of options for reducing power use or improving energy efficiency.     

       Responsible Energy Production

People and businesses all over our country are investing in alternative energy sources like solar photovoltaic panels and wind turbines. They are protecting themselves against rising energy costs and helping our planet. However, they can only benefit if the technology and equipment necessary for alternative power is designed and installed correctly.

DASECO can offer the electrical support to properly wire these systems to be code compliant, safe, and neat, in a workmanlike manner under the supervision of a licensed master electrician.

Energy Audits

Energy audits detail the efficiency opportunities of a structure. A credentialed auditing process can immediately help save money in operating costs, and implementing the audit’s recommendations may include access to federal energy tax credits.


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